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Not your typical online spice store or ingredient store. We at Heart of Spice have been thoughtful so you can cook your favorite meals effortlessly. No need to bulk buy spices online only to use it a couple of times and then take up space in your pantry. Our spice and ingredient kits use only the best high quality ingredients and exact measurements and give you the ability to control the rest according to your dietary needs. Now you can easily make a delicious homemade enchilada sauce that you will want to use on everything with our enchilada sauce kit. Or use our Ramen kit with all the spices for ramen and ingredients you need to make Ramen your way, maybe with less sodium or low carb noodles or keep it vegan, you get to choose. With easy to follow shopping list and instructions you can make them family style or meal prep for the week. We hope you give them a try and keep coming back as we are always cooking up something new for you.

Spice Eats

Vietnamese Chicken Pho

Al Pastor

Also known as Tacos Al Pastor. Uses a cooking method similar to a shawarma brought to Mexico by Lebanese immigrants. Its flavor palate is a traditional Mexican marinade of Guajillo peppers, cumin, oregano, achiote for the bright red color, garlic and pineapple juice for sweetness.

Vietnamese Chicken Pho


A North African chili paste most associated with Moroccan food however it originated in Tunisia. It has a peppery smoky flavor and ranges in level of heat. Ours is a well-balanced version of heat and full flavor spices. Use is as a spread, marinade or mix with mayo for a dip.

Vietnamese Chicken Pho

Vietnamese Chicken Pho

Pronounced “fuh” is a delicate bone broth seasoned with many spices and accompanied by rice noodles, meat and toppings. Pho is believed to have originated in North Vietnam after French colonization in the late 1800’s. Our version can also be made vegan.

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