Our Story

My most earliest and vivid memories of growing up are filled with food. The hustle and bustle of local markets in India, the street stall aromas to the smell of spices cooking in homes were all things I lived for. Moving to America at 9 yrs old I was equally mesmerized by the organized aisles, captivating packaging and choices. Wanting to taste everything led to a desire to cook everything, which led to my love of flavors of the world. As an avid home cook I began to explore keeping authenticity while being able to customize to my dietary needs. Being able to eat authentically and keeping my health needs in check was so satisfying that bringing it to the marketplace became my joy. This idea came to life when I met a well traveled chef that enjoyed world cuisine and had lived and worked in multiple countries. With his chef’s palette, knowledge of world cuisine, classical recipe building skills and my vision of authenticity while meeting dietary needs Heart of Spice was born.

With Heart & Spice, Benita

Heart of Spice captures the heart and soul of authentic recipes from around the world. Take our chef created spice packets and enjoy a whole new culinary experience with aromas you can taste. Go ahead toast the whole chilis, grind the spices, simmer that sauce and let the aromas and flavors take you away. We use high quality Non-GMO and Organic ingredients. We believe food should not only be authentic but pure and free of harmful substances. So enjoy the ease and simplicity of our spice kits, accommodate your dietary needs, and make it your own.


Our products are whole in their natural form. Just the way it should be without preservatives, additives or natural flavors. For us responsibility and sustainability are a part of the process every step of the way. Our packaging is minimal and mostly recyclable. We value high quality ingredients and give you the power to make it your own. Whether you are controlling your sodium levels, carb intake or are enjoying a vegan lifestyle. You get to choose!

When it comes to food we value your needs and choices

So you love a bowl of Ramen and finding the next Ramen shop to try is your addiction, until the sodium, the carbs and a pricey bowl catches up to you. Giving up what you love doesn’t have to be the only option. Finding ways and ingredients to accommodate your needs shouldn’t be difficult. Our Ramen kit has all the essentials while giving you the choice every step of the way. Whether you are watching your carb intake, lowering your sodium and are taking on a vegan lifestyle you get to choose. With easy to follow instructions for stove top, Instant Pot or a slow cooker making it your own has never been this easy.